We’ve been broadcasting for a few weeks now (actually to be honest we can’t remember exactly when we started!!!), but oh, how much fun it’s been!!! 

Anika and I have been presenting our live show each weekday lunchtime, sharing music, fun facts and general chit chat whilst splitting our sides with laughter. Listeners have been joining our conversation and generally adding to the hilarity via the chat bot and we’ve even had a go at a live phone call (that was when we discovered the need for headphones so as to hear the person on the end of the line!!!).

“Welcome to Lunchtime Live with me, Claire and her over there, Anika!” 

And now, we’re looking for others to join the lovely mayhem and become presenters with us! To start off with we are searching for young presenters, because frankly, a community radio station is nothing without the voice of the local young people!

Are you up for the challenge? Maybe you’re a budding presenter? Or producer? Do you know someone who might be? Then send us a segment of your work – if we like what you’ve done, we’ll air it on the radio and work with you to create some more, you might even get a regular show!


You may have noticed something else that our station is missing? That’s right, a JINGLE!!! If you are a budding music or soundtrack creator, and you think you could create something that fits the bill, then send it on through! If we like it then you’re on, your work will be featured on the station!

RadioSYC are good friends with RG2Radio and their very own MC Naphtali is super keen to coach any budding DJs we find, so, you could be featured on their radio station AS WELL!!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get dreaming! Get creating! Get recording!

The Segment (15-20 mins)

What you need to include: 

  1. At least one musical track
  2. At least 2 minutes of talking
  3. At least 1 radio ID.

What we are looking for so we can air your work:

  1. State the demographic you are aiming for. (eg people your grandparents age or residents of Whitley Wood )
  1. Name a theme or topic of interest to your demographic and make your segment about that theme/topic.
  1. Ensure all content (music and talking) is in line with the values of Life, Joy and Hope. Ie it needs to be uplifting, on RadioSYC we don’t have course language or anything that encourages any form of abuse* of another human being or living thing. It’s fine to raise awareness about a problem that people are facing, so long as you also bring a positive practical way forward – ie listeners are left feeling hopeful about the problem.
  1. Radio ID: This must include the words ‘You’re listening to RadioSYC’ but could include more, but it must be no more than 5 seconds long.

The Jingle (10-15s)

What you need to include: 

  1. Music component (music must be your original creation)
  2. Spoken component

What we are looking for so we can air your work

  1. Name the program your jingle is for.

Choose one of the following:

  • Lunchtime Live
  • Golden Hour – (for our grandparents)
  • People of Whitley – (interviews with locals and local interest)
  • South Reading Churches’ Funday – (community event)
  • Voice of the Young People – (by young people for the community)
  • Generic – (can be used at any time in any program)
  1. Ensure all content (music and talking) is in line with the values of Life, Joy and Hope. (if you’re not sure, have a chat with us!)
  1. Be sure you use the station name RadioSYC! We’d love you to use the strap line as well ‘Sharing Hope, Life and Joy’
  1. Make sure you credit all participants and artists that feature in your segment, as well as the members of your team if you worked with others to produce your segment. This credit can be made in writing.


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